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What is one of the best things you can do for your start-up? Learn Quickly

October 3, 2011 by


The life of a start-up is hard –   resources are scarce, uncertainty is high and it sometimes feels like you are navigating through no-man’s land. Given the lack of money that you start out with, your time is the most valuable asset that you have in the beginning. Wasting time is essentially wasting money […]

Should you sell your product to Grandma? Getting your first transaction right.

September 15, 2011 by


So you’ve just had a brilliant product or service idea~Yay! You are dying to test your idea out – who do you go to? Most likely you will start with your friends and family – if you are lucky they will tell you the brutal truth about your product/ service but most likely they may […]

It isn’t about you – It is about Customer!

September 7, 2011 by


Building on Ham’s post about finding your entrepreneurial mojo (or inspiration) – I thought it might be useful to bring up a classic approach that entrepreneurs use when deciding what type of  business to launch or buy. Basically they start by asking myself what am I passionate about or what do I like, then go from there.  […]

Finding your inspiration in another country

September 6, 2011 by


Back from holiday and feeling like a million bucks, or at least a million dollar idea! Some people are great at thinking up new and innovative ideas, but some have a harder time.  One way to get your entrepreneurial juices flowing is to travel and soak in other cultures and ideas.  There are many successful […]

Do you feel misunderstood? How to communicate effectively in a startup.

July 26, 2011 by


In the life of a startup you get to work intimately with a small group of people often in close quarters. Here at Two Dogs and A Startup, our founding team split our time working out of my living room (sharing desks and sitting on patio chairs) and working remotely. Such working conditions can be very rewarding and fun but also they come with challenges.  So […]

To business plan or not? That is the question….

July 19, 2011 by


Part 1 – of our business plan series. I was recently hired by a company to do some strategy work (and yes – I have a part-time job to support my start-up addiction). This piece of work uncovered a company that has grown revenue year over year for the past 6 years despite a lack of […]

What’s in a name?

June 12, 2011 by


Big Week..boy was it a big week! I wake up one morning to find my new best friend, Ham, has arrived… I wonder how long he’s staying? I guess this means I need to learn how to share my toys. So anyway our owners decided to start a company. Just quietly I was hoping for a […]