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Negotiation Concepts You Should Know

October 11, 2011


They say the only way to get better at negotiations is through practice.  I agree completely, but it is important to know and understand some of the basic concepts in negotiations.  In fact, you probably already use them in your daily routine, but just haven’t defined them.  This is especially important for startups because you […]

Videos of the week

October 7, 2011


RIP Mr. Jobs.  You will be missed greatly.  Learn from his words of wisdom during his Stanford graduation speech. Click Here To View Video Still afraid to follow your dreams?  Get motivated by this 60+ Vietnam Vet college football player.  You heard me, oldest college football player to score in a game. Click Here To […]

Friday Videos – 09/30/2011

September 30, 2011


Hate public speaking or at least thing you stink?  Check out this video, which provides the tools to becoming a better public speaker.  My favorite, step twelve, DON’T FORGET TO SMILE!! Click Here for Video What a ‘Great Day’ so start it with a laugh.  Watch this SNL digital short by Andy Sandberg and remember […]

Your Elevator Pitch

September 20, 2011


Those at Babson surely know the power of a well rehearsed verbal pitch.  While Babsonites may refer to it as their rocket pitch, most people refer to it as an elevator pitch.  A short 30 second or 1 minute description of their business idea. You might think it is silly to rehearse something that seems […]

Friday videos

September 16, 2011


Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action.  Golden circle; Why, How, What. “People don’t buy what you do but why you do it”. ~Simon Sinek Click Here for Video Not sick of Facebook yet?  Hear from the creator himself back in 2005 when Facebook had only touched the surface of web domination. ~Mark Zuckerberg Click […]

Setting Deadlines

September 13, 2011


There is nothing wrong with creating deadlines, sometimes that is what it takes for some people to finish up a project.  Deadlines are a great way to help groups work together and ultimately get their ducks in order and meet a goal. The issue becomes when an internal deadline is projected externally.  For example, if […]

Finding your inspiration in another country

September 6, 2011


Back from holiday and feeling like a million bucks, or at least a million dollar idea! Some people are great at thinking up new and innovative ideas, but some have a harder time.  One way to get your entrepreneurial juices flowing is to travel and soak in other cultures and ideas.  There are many successful […]