About Us – Why Blog?

How hard is it to start a successful web 2.0 business?

Two Babson MBA students (and their dogs) with a spare summer set out to answer this question.

 Follow this blog to see how we (Adam and Lisa) take a random idea and try to create a web 2.0 business out of it. Share in our experience, learn from our lessons and hopefully be entertained along the way.

We are committed to creating a useful blog for wannabe entrepreneurs and small business owners to share any wisdom, useful tools and anything else relevant to making people more successful entrepreneurs.

FYI Boomerang and Hamilton are managing the blog over the summer (as clearly, we are way too busy starting a company to blog).


Adam & Lisa

A bit about our team….

Lisa and Boomerang

Born and raised in Melbourne Australia, I have spent my career working with turnaround companies and in a family business.

Boomerang is my 3-year-old Australian Shepherd who definitely wears the pants in the relationship. Highly intelligent, full of energy and a wannabe alpha dog – he is guaranteed to be a strong contributor to the team.

Adam and Hamilton

Born and raised in New York City, I spent four years working as an analyst/ senior analyst at an investment management firm.

Hamilton is my 2-1/2-year-old Golden Retriever who is obsessed with tennis balls and loves ripping up chew toys.

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