Ham’s Retort to ‘Be Friendly not Friends’

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Different experiences build different opinions, two partners, two brains, so here are my counters and agreements with what Boomer had to say only a short few days ago.  My views come from that of an employee not a boss.  Chime in and GIVE us your opinions:

1. Hiring in advance of revenue is a bad idea

I agree with this point to a T because it happened to me.  My previous firm had hired for expansion, which occurred only for a brief time.  Our final two hires marked the top tick in good times for this firm.  This created issue’s because employees were not and could not be productive.  We became restless and one of the worst things that can happen at work is to become bored because time stands still.

2. Don’t hire your friends; life is just easier this way

I agree not to hire your friends, but I would say hire people that you think you could be friends with.  This is how you create a strong culture.  My previous firm searched for over a year to find someone like me because they wanted an analyst that would mesh well with the team.  Five years after being hired I still speak to everyone on my research team on a regular basis and consider some of them very good friends.

3. Keep the personal confessions to a minimum

I’m torn on this subject.  While I sometimes felt uncomfortable hearing all my bosses dirty secrets in the end it made me open up to him and I know if I needed anything or needed to speak with anyone I could always go to him for help even now, three years later.

4. Keep some distance between your employees and yourself

My boss WAS happy hour.  He dragged me out many more times that I would have liked.  Our entire team would go out for drinks and created unity all the way to the top.  Sadly, this boss (Head of Research) was replaced with another, who didn’t drink, which ended up cracking the teams unity slightly because there was little time to get to know my new boss.

5. Be Friendly not Friends

I completely disagree with the points made here.  You can be friends with your boss, but your boss must demand respect through being smart, fair, and leading by example.  I would do anything for my old boss because I respect his opinion, I’m not afraid to disagree, but know how smart he is and how good he has been to me.  I had to earn his respect and once I did he opened doors for me that I am very grateful for.

Opinions are important and we want to hear yours,

~Cured Ham

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