Be Friendly not Friends…A bosses role in the team

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Hiring and managing employees is inevitably part of owning a growing business and for some first time entrepreneurs this can be unfamiliar territory. So here are 5 lessons that I have learned through my experiences owning a company:

1. Hiring in advance of revenue is a bad idea

“Don’t count your chickens until they hatch” is something to keep in mind in the midst of promised revenue. Until you have that signed contract, order or payment in your hands – it is not a done deal (no matter what is said). Hiring employees before the revenue hits your bank account is a recipe for financial disaster and potential layoffs that can hurt your company culture.

2. Don’t hire your friends; life is just easier this way

Just because your friend needs a job – doesn’t mean you should hire them. It is incredibly hard to separate your friendship from your jobs and as a boss there is the potential you will need to act in an authoriarian manner (at some stage). This can be really hard when it is your friend you a reprimanding or instructing.

3. Keep the personal confessions to a minimum

We have all had those bosses that share a little too much information about inappropriate things (like their sex lives, partners and finances). These things can make your team uncomfortable and sometimes respect you less. Keep this in mind before sharing the intimate details of your last romp in the sack. Keep the gossip and hot details for your friends outside of the office.

4. Keep some distance between your employees and yourself

I think that it is a great idea to attend the occasional happy hour or event with your staff – but remember you are their leader and boss as opposed to their peer.

5. Be Friendly not Friends

Being friendly to your staff is almost essential when you are managing people -Most people appreciate you showing interest in their lives (outside of the office).  But like point four, remember you are their boss not their friends – let them do their work instead of taking up their time chit chatting.

I would love to hear your tips for managing your team so drop us a line.

Till Next Time, Stay Cool