Introduce new customers to your business through a short video

Posted on July 18, 2011 by


Creating a video for your company is a great way to explain what you do in 1 minute or less.  Let’s be honest, not everyone out there is a rocket scientist or has enough time to crawl your website.  A short video can help engage your audience and boost customer retention.

What are the basic building blocks of every great video?

  • Value proposition
  • Easy to understand script
  • Playful visuals
  • Company Logo

It doesn’t matter if you use live video, stills, or even animation as long as you feel confident that after watching your video a new customer or client knows what the heck you do (Or worst case scenario is interested in learning more).  If you are low on visuals search google images and pull a few things (You won’t hurt anyone by doing this).

This week I’ve learned first hand that not all business owners can give a concrete response to what their company does.  Some people have the luxury of not worrying, successfully expanding without redefining their business model.  Creating a short video could be a great exercise to help a business owner reconnect with their business and clarify a few things for themselves.

Click Here to see a video I created for  It’s nothing fancy, but helps define what we do and creates interest with a potential user.  How did I make it you ask?  My video is a sequence of stills, which I designed in photoshop.  Many of the images are ‘borrowed’ from the internet.  The video was put together using iMovie on my Mac.  Once finished I simply uploaded to YouTube through iMovie and BOOM we have a video that is easy to share, embed, and preach what we do.