In case you missed them…here are our top 3 videos of the week

Posted on July 7, 2011 by


The life of an entrepreneur is often jammed back with fun and games – days can fly by and you barely have time to eat. So here at Two Dogs and A Start Up we thought we would help you out with the three videos we discovered this week that can inspire you and make your entrepreneurial adventure a little easier.

Do you need more time?

Organization and getting things done are key for any goal orientated person, as well as successful entrepreneurs. So do you have an effective system for getting things done? David Allen, author of Getting things done, shares he’s effective system that increases your focus, organization and ultimately getting things done. (FYI He is not very funny – you will need to work through he’s humor, but his message is good).

Do you consider yourself a good boss?

Everyone has their own opinion of what makes a good boss, but you might be interested to learn what a Stanford study has to say about it. Out with the traditional model of micro-managing and in with ….. watch the video to find out .

Are you likable?

I am going to go ahead and state the obvious… if people like you they are more likely to help you. As an entrepreneur and money is tight, getting buy in and help from others is incredibly important. Guy Kawasaki (the guy who made the Apple Mac cool) to gives you some tips on “Increasing Your Likability”

If you have any videos you’d like us to include in our series, please drop us a note.