Learning Valuable Lessons From Networking & Staying Happy

Posted on July 6, 2011 by


Ham here,

Working at a startup can be a lonely life for a dog, long hours, dimly lit rooms, and daily contact with only a few other dogs.  It’s your personal job to remain upbeat, learn, and get out of the house to meet other dogs.

You ask why?

Meeting other entrepreneurs is not only a great way to add resources to your small company, but also learn from others mistakes or successes.  Within a large organization you typically have the ability to meet with higher ups or get assigned a mentor.  In the startup world you are your own mentor and you don’t want to be learning from your own mistakes because that can be an expensive learning curve.

Just yesterday I was able to sit down with an older dog and listen to his own startup experience.  Five years out he has a few products in the marketplace that are getting traction.  www.framesocket.com (One product)  Take aways from our conversation are,

  • Don’t expect buy-in from other establishments for your product to be successful.  Ex.  Creating an app that organizes supermarket information and expect the supermarkets to input the information.
  • Choose your fellow founders carefully because they are with you for a long time (See Previous Post For More Info)
  • Start simple and figure out your minimum viable product to go to market, and then go!
  • Enjoy what you are doing
  • Learn something new everyday!

These words of wisdom might sound simple, but if you internalize them they can help build a solid environment around you.

~Sir Hamilton