So Far So Good… But here comes Hump Day!

Posted on June 30, 2011 by


Wednesdays are great… after Wednesday you can smell the weekend..all those fun hikes in the mountains, Friday yappy hours and Sunday morning paper and coffee walks are that much closer. But after this hump day the weekend doesn’t seem so exciting – largely because we had a very, very happy Wednesday… so happy in fact, our budget will be recovering for the rest of the week. 

So what happened? After being house bound for the past three days we decided to have a business meeting (for at a bar/restaurant somewhere in Denver. We had anticipated using a Groupon to fill our needs, however after spending all week scouring   the group discount sites we came up empty-handed. This was largely due to the fine print, such as vouchers can only be redeemed for food or not during happy hour (Ham will go into more details about this). This forced us into plan B – Find the best happy hour we can. While we found a decent restaurant/bar with all night happy hour we still spent more than we expected due to the happy hour only extending to discounts to drinks.  We were able to drink more than we should (as micro brews were only $2.50)… but the meal at $10.50 tipped us over the edge…needless to say we will watching our pennies even closer for the rest of the week.

Here is our daily budget breakdown 


  • Oatmeal: $.20 each
  • Coffee: $.25 each


  • Salad: $.35 each
  • Pita: $.60 each
  • Hummus: $.50 each
  • Eggs: $.08 each
  • Cucumber: $.17 each


  • Beers: $12
  • Meal:$10.50

Total Spend Per Person: $24.65

Running Weekly Total: $31.93 meaning if we only spend $4.00 per day for the next 4 days we will still make our budget….