Groupon/Coupon Week with NO Groupons?

Posted on June 30, 2011 by


So you might be thinking, this is Groupon/Coupon week but I haven’t heard anything about Groupons?  Each day we have scoured Yippit, Groupon, & LivingSocial for deals in our area.  Truth be told there was nothing that caught our eye.  We saw many deals on restaurants in our neighborhood, but none were appealing.  So many deals came with ‘Fine Print’, which gave a long list of rules per the potential deal.  After reading the terms it started to seem less like a deal and more like a contract.  In the end we chose to go with an old fashioned happy hour.  $3 micro beers and wine, which is a pretty good deal, a deal that comes with no ‘Fine Print’.


Interesting to note, Groupon just yesterday rolled out a new feature which allows you to get ‘Deals Now’.

Location based real time Groupons!

It looks like there are a lot more deals available, but again there is the terrible ‘Fine Print’.  Your deal is only good for that day or in some instances 4 hours, but if you don’t use it most places will give you an automatic refund.  Sorting through the list I’m very pleased with the choices, but unfortunately they are a bit pricey for our low budget.  From a small business perspective the ‘Deals Now’ option seems to be a better idea since you won’t have a huge inflow of people who are only paying half price.