No Case of the Monday’s Here

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Day one complete and I’m still scratchin!

While the first trip to the grocery store took a little longer than expected we found lots of healthy products that fall in our budget.  In total we spent $14.80 on food yesterday.  Now I know what you are thinking, the budget for two people was $15 and part of that should be spent out of the house so didn’t you go over?  The answer is no we didn’t!  Let’s go through the list of what we bought and what we actually used,

Oatmeal  (3.00)  We used $.20

3 Romaine Hearts  ($1.50)  Unused

5 lbs of Potatoes  ($1.50)  We used $.20

Can of diced Tomato  ($1.49) We used $.75

1.56 lbs of Yellow Onion  ($0.92)  We used $.30

Asparagus bundle  ($1.17)  We used $.60

Spagetti Squash  ($3.18)  We used $3.18 But have some leftovers

Organic Yellow Popcorn kernels ($1.53)  We used $.20

Green Cabbage  ($.50)  We used $.20

Garlic Clove ($.50)  We used $.05

Lentils  ($.52)  Unused

Chicken ($1.49)  We used the whole breast!

So we actually only ate $7.07 worth of food combined, that comes out to $$3.535 per person which is well below our target $7.50 per person.  We have plenty of food left over, but it’s only been one day and we need to pace ourselves.

~The Hammer

PS. Check out some pictures of what we made in our Flickr account on the home page!


Still curious what we made?

Breakfast: Oatmeal

Snack: Plain Popcorn

Lunch: Spagetti Squash with a tomato, cabbage, onion, & sage sauce

Dinner: Chicken, baked potato chips, & asparagus