Groupon Coupon Week (Let the fun begin)

Posted on June 27, 2011 by



So it’s finally time!  Groupon Coupon week began this very morning so let me explain the rules.  My owner and Lisa will be dining this entire week on $52.50 each.  This comes out to be $4.50 a day for food inside the house and $3 outside the house.  To accomplish this task we will buy discount purchases from well know coupon sites like Groupon, Living Social, & Yippit (Coupon aggregator).  We have accumulated local papers to find out grocery discounts around the area.

Our main goals are to eat healthy, have fun, and prove one can live cheaply and not change their style of living.

A few caveats, we decided that basic ingredients inside the house are allowable. I’m talking about things like salt, pepper, plants grown within the house, & a small amount of oil.

Please don’t hesitate to comment your opinions and thoughts as we document the week.


PS. Ham is not on the menu this week.