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In the Mac vs. PC battle I am a Mac, I am also an iPhone 4.  Recently, I have been combing the app-store for fun/helpful apps.  I gotta say it is slim pickings, but one standout is ‘Instagram’, fast beautiful photo sharing for your iPhone.  In true Mactastic form Instagram is only available on an iPhone and doesn’t even have a web version.  If you want an example check out our flickr feed, which is full of instragram photos.  This easy to use app allows you to take a photo, overlay a vintage look, and push your photos to facebook, twitter, email, and other social media.  Sync with your gmail and ‘follow’ your friends to see new photos they post.

Within this same search I found a few apps not worth uploading, Piictu & Vidcinity.  Not really worth talking about, but if you have a different opinion please let me know.

Mr. Hammer

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