What do Groupon, Coupons and Jamie Oliver have in common? Part 1: Jamie

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What do Groupon, Coupons and Sir Jamie Oliver have in common?  They are all marketing machines and the sources of inspiration for our Groupon Coupon week.

Jamie Oliver – From the Naked Chef to a Food Revolution: What can budding entrepreneurs learn from Jamie Oliver?

A Brief Overview..

llow you Passion: Jamie Oliver left school at the age of 16 to pursue he’s love of cooking and nutrition. In bad and good times it is easier to sustain your momentum if you are in love with what you are doing. Are you pursuing your passion?

Determination: The restaurant industry is brutal and chefs are constantly under ‘review’. This is no different to the infant (or any other stage) of an entrepreneur’s journey of turning your bright idea into reality.  Jamie shows commitment and grit in times of adversity because he loves and believes in what he is doing. Do you have a love and belief in your idea to sustain the hard times?

Understand and research your target market: He speaks to the masses not the select few!  If you ever watch one of Jamie’s show he uses words and language that the average Joe understands.  He not only communicates with ease with his target market but displays empathy and awareness of their needs. He chose a target market traditionally completely ignored by he’s British competitors. The results – numerous TV series, books, restaurants and endorsements (the most public one was he’s contract with supermarket chain Sainsbury’s (UK) worth a reported 1.2 million pounds a year). Who are you targeting? Do you know them as well as your friends?

Do something good for not only yourself but the world: Jamie has built a name for himself as a social entrepreneur through he’s work with he’s foundation – Fifteen (http://www.fifteen.net/Pages/default.aspx) and now he’s Food Revolution TV series. He is passionate about improving people’s lives. As an entrepreneur it is easily to maintain an inwards focus on your own dreams and ideas – but it is good for the soul and important for society to help those around you grow and achieve. What are you doing today to change the world or at least the world around you?

Jamie Oliver embodies many characteristics of a great entrepreneur including passion, creativity, determination, awareness and empathy – and if you haven’t checked out he’s Food Revolution – you should! http://abc.go.com/shows/jamie-olivers-food-revolution

Why is he our inspiration?

While sitting watching Jamie Oliver’s ” Food Revolution” ( http://abc.go.com/shows/jamie-olivers-food-revolution)  last Friday night with Ham and our owners we got discussing what it means for the average person to eat healthy on a budget.

To cut a long debate short – Ham and I  believe that it is possible to eat healthy on a budget, where as our two-legged friends don’t seem so optimistic.  They supported their views with the fact that fresh food, fruit and vegetables tend to be expensive. In addition to the fact that most coupons are for nonperishable (canned) food – the average person clearly doesn’t stand a chance to eat healthy food  on a budget. (For the record we are yet to verify either of these claims).

But boy do I sniff a challenge!

The challenge being laid out was to live off a budget while not changing our healthy eating habits (and apparently mine are pretty healthy so much so that my owner laughed when I told him I am going to live off coupons for a week).

But we need some help! We are willing to live off the food budget as chosen by you. Your vote counts – so please vote!

FYI We will be using the web to track our nutritional intake (using Lance Armstrong’s Daily Plate).