The good, the bad, & the ugly (Online Discounting Background)

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We thought our readers might find it interesting to read articles posted in the past about the new phenomenon of discount online shopping.

~The Good
I’ve been reading a lot of stories on TechCrunch lately coming down hard on Groupon and, like other happy Groupon merchants, wasn’t going to comment because I thought it was a single story with one author’s thoughts. However, after seeing story after story trying to pick apart every single piece of Groupon, I felt it necessary to write about my experience. I’m also hoping that I’m the first BBQ restaurant owner who to write for TechCrunch.

~The Bad
I already knew how the story ended. Jessie had posted about her experience running a Groupon for Posies Cafe on her blog. She calls running a Groupon “the single worst decision I have ever made as a business owner thus far.” You can read the story in Jessie’s own words.

~ And the Ugly
Daily deal providers like Groupon and LivingSocial may be violating several key aspects of consumer protection law.


First came the local daily deal sites: Groupon, LivingSocial, BuyWithMe. There were so many it was hard to keep up. Then came the daily deal aggregators like Yipit and 8coupons.


Well, today DealsGoRound, one of the first secondary daily deals markets, announced that it’s not to be outdone. The startup, which was founded in March 2010, is launching its own free service today called Deal Wallet — a virtual wallet that allows users to import, safely store and manage their daily deal purchases across deal providers.

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