Mac vs PC – The Showdown…

Posted on June 19, 2011 by


I used to think the difference between Mac and PC was minimal – largely that of the users personal preference. For example when I purchased a new laptop last year, I chose a Macbook Pro largely because I liked the look of it. Furthermore I knew I could run both Mac OS and Windows (thanks to the Boot Camp feature). The best of both worlds in my opinion, that said, I have spent most of my time using Windows.

Hamilton on the other hand is a Mac – a pure mac – none of this dual boot crap. He’s personal choice… till now, it has been cruising along perfectly. This week we discovered the joys of developing a website and software product using both the Mac and PC environments. (Full disclosure: we are working with people who are mostly PCs)

Some of the insights of the week:

  • There are some Mac equivalents to free windows development tools – they are just a little different.
  • When a Mac program doesn’t do what you expect just randomly press buttons – you may get a result that you want.
  • Designing a website is tough – windows and mac often don’t agree!
  • If you own a Mac you really should do some research – especially if you are working with window only developers. And vis versa.
  • If you are frustrated – step away from the PC/Mac….

FYI for all you techies out there here are some of the tool we are currently using…mac and window equivalents.

Tool Function Windows Mac
Database Interface Toad for SQL Pro SQL
Modify Code Netbeans Netbeans
Sync With Version Control (subversion client) Tortoise HG Mac HG

In closing -I am Boomerang and I am a PC in disguise.