PickyDomains.com Finds An Available Name For $50

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PickyDomains.com Finds An Available Name For $50.

Following up to what Boomer posted a few days ago, above is a link to an interesting crowd sourcing domain / slogan website.  Having gone through the process of naming a website and creating slogans only a few days ago I am not sure this is worth spending $50 when you are bootstrapping your startup.  The article does mention that this service could cost you more than double that price if you went with an agency.

I consider myself a creative dog and with the proper process it is easy to brainstorm a handful of good domain names that aren’t taken.

The process we stuck with is as follows,

1.  Define what your business does.

2.  Decide if you want a multi word name/ single word name/ or word without significance for your name.

3.  Write down as many words on topic that you can think of.

4.  Play with derivations of those words or sayings.

5.  Get creative. (Remember, the shorter the domain the less of a chance it’s available)

6.  Crowd source for opinions on your top 5 (Facebook question is an easy way to crowd source, but remember unclick the option to let anyone add their own option)

7.  Poll people at a party

8.  Choose a domain name and roll with it!  If you are still unsure buy your top two favorites.


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