What’s in a name?

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Big Week..boy was it a big week!

I wake up one morning to find my new best friend, Ham, has arrived… I wonder how long he’s staying? I guess this means I need to learn how to share my toys.

So anyway our owners decided to start a company. Just quietly I was hoping for a frisbee company but rumor is that it has something to do with photography and online gaming. Watching them work over the week, I am starting to learn some stuff.

For example, white boarding is a very cool tool for brainstorming and mapping out software. It is also a great way to keep humans on track. Apparently being able to visual see stuff is great reminder and motivation for them to get stuff done.

Idea generation and brainstorming works well with a pack (or others). They were much more productive as a team and came up with some cool ideas. However coming up with a great idea was only half the battle. Coming up with a name looks much more difficult. We definitely are going on more walks during this tasks.

The debate over their name seems to revolve around two main issues: Made up word vs. actual words and the limited availability of URLs. If anyone out there has any ideas or experience in this area – we would love your input!

Right now they have decided to seek answers through Facebook (yes, Facebook) in a crowd sourcing manner using the ‘question’ function. For those who don’t know – Facebook allows you to poll your friends by posting a question and shows you a result. A useful thing to know about this function is you can remove the ability for other to write in their own responses this is handy when you have a set list of names you want to choose from. They did not do this – now their number one name is ‘unavailable’ (from a URL perspective).

The naming process is taking a lot longer than I expected – I wonder if naming me was as hard as naming a company…

Nap Time.

Boomerang (a.k.a Boomer the ‘alpha’ dog)

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